GameOrDie Gamification Game Anything Formula

Video that Explains the GameOrDie Game Anything Gamification Formula

So you have been hearing people talk about gamification or game based marketing and now want to know how to implement these theories into your business. Well after reading 100’s of books and spending countless hours working out gamification for our social games at Tigga Studios I have created the GameOrDie Gamification Formula that can be used to Gamify anything.

I was tired of not being able to implement game based theories in an easy manner so I need to work out a process that will allow anyone to gamify any process they wanted. I was challenged and thought it has to be possible to create such a formula or template, so I set myself to the task at hand and as a result this is what I put together.

I know this will evolve over time however right now it is a great starting point and really allows you to powerfully move forward in the gamification process.

One of the other elements in this formula is that gamifying any process is a TWO Step process. Most people get lost with Points, badges and Leaderboards and wonder while they get lost or it does not result in long term, long lasting results.

Step 1. Game Design with the GameOrDie Formula 

Step 2. Overlay Game Mechanics to your game design from step one. 

For more information on gamification and implementing this into your business contact Ben at Tigga Studios or visit

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  • Jason Goodman

    October 2, 2012

    Great article! I was stuck on just overlaying my game, Geronimo Joe, with badges, points, gems, coins, game center, etc. I read this, watched the vid and now am interested in making different levels for it too! More to follow, for sure!

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